Riverview Hospital - A bone chilling story

Riverview Hospital was a mental health facility in the Greater Vancouver area. It was build in the early 20th century to treat the mentally insane. In 1956 it had reached over 4000 patients being treated for mostly mental illness. Treatments including shock therapy and lobotomy were horrific. The deteriorating buildings only add to its notorious and terrifying legacy. 

As long as I lived here I knew about the hospital and you can see some of the buildings and the beautiful landscape from the highway, but until about a month ago I did not know the lands were open to public access. Unfortunately, the first time I walked around I only had my cell phone on me, I was determined to come back with some more substantial camera gear. 

A few days ago I finally went out and walked the grounds to capture this intimidating but beautiful piece of history. Walking around these grounds you just imagine what has happened in this place. It seems that looking through the broken windows the paint stripped walls are full of stories.

Here are few images I captured walking around. I went with a desaturated high contrast look to emphasize on the hospital's bone chilling legacy.