New Year's Day Walkabout

Happy 2016!

Port Moody gets these great foggy mornings in the fall and winter, today on New Year's Day we were lucky again. It was especially pleasant because it's finally not raining. In the photography standpoint the fog creates these great moods and also acts like a nice white backdrop. 

Here you can really see how the fog creates a white background and pulls out the foreground. I thought this was a cute scene with this couple birding for some kick-ass water fowl.

Speaking of water fowl, here some cute ducks. Again, I went for a minimalistic scene with the foggy white background which really makes the ducks the stars of the scene.

The fog also calls for high contrast and desaturated colours. Again, lots of cuteness with these two love birds.

I came across a full beach of barely dressed people and thought, well this could be interesting. It was a polar bear swim. Luckily I just arrived in time and snapped a few of these brave folks.

The sun finally burned through the fog and walked into this scene. The blue sky popped nicely with my polarizer filter. This was around noon and the sunlight was pretty hard.

Came across some pretty ice crystals as well. I dialed it down t f/2.8 to blow out the background and in post I desaturated the colours to fit the scene. Who needs colours when you have some sweet ice crystals...

Port Moody City Hall was looking pretty with the winter sunlight and the frost. Again, without my polarizer filter I wouldn't have gotten so much detail in the sky.