Sean & Katerina Engagement

My good friends Sean & Katerina got engaged earlier this year and asked me to shoot their engagement photos. I was honoured and excited, but also a bit nervous. This would be my first paid gig which is a bit scary, besides I definitely did not want to let my friends down especially because I already felt bad about taking money from them. 

Luckily, I had time to prepare as they were aiming for a fall photo shoot (they asked me in the summer). Hours of roaming the internet for ideas and techniques went by when finally yesterday we went out for the shoot. 

Where I was a bit nervous not to let my friends down and taking their hard earned cash, on the other hand it was a pleasure for both sides doing this as friends, we just had a blast! After the first few shots and laughs everyone was super relaxed and comfortable. Their awesome chemistry helped too. 

What I found during the shoot is that even though I was prepared, I was extremely busy - it is a bit of an organized chaos. Between directing your subjects, finding the right angles, settings and lenses all at the same time without boring your subjects is a challenge.

In the end I got a good amount of good shots, we had a great time and most of all they are super happy with the results!

Here a few of my favourites: