Gastown Grub

Yesterday we went for a little trip to Downtown Vancouver. The Misses was extremely excited as she was getting a brand new designer purse. I was excited too for a couple reasons. 

#1 Getting her a new purse. You might ask me, "Joep why would you be excited about an expensive purse"? Well I'll tell ya! It's not costing me a single dime. As a frugal Dutchie I can certainly appreciate something free. Anyhow, her 'old' purse was falling apart and she was able to exchange it with a brand spanking new one. Happy Wife Happy Life!

#2 Because the wife was so happy, she didn't mind working through the pain by walking in her heels down to Gastown with me. The adrenaline and high she got from her new purchase relieved much of that hardship anyhow. Gastown is the oldest neighbourhood of Vancouver and it has an amazing history (as far as you can find history in this young country) and a very cool and trendy vibe. Perfect to mingle and immerse yourself with your bearded and bunned upper class hipsters (you know those pretentious urbanites that dress in designer clothing made to look as it was from the thrift store - not to be confused with the actual homeless people roaming the streets).

I am still exploring my new lens - Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 - and was very excited to test it out in an urban environment. Testing out both the wide angle capabilities for cityscapes and the fastness (f/2.8) at the semi-telephoto range for some close ups and blowing the background out.


Steam Clock, I wasn't the only one wanting a photo-op with Gastown's most famous landmark. So I had to get creative and crop out the sea of people posing in front of this old steamer.

We sat down for a beer and fries at Six Acres. Very neat little place, I was so happy the patio was open. Most places close the patios once September hits, but it was still about 20 degrees out and it was a treat to sit outside in the fresh autumn air.

We had a nice Driftwood Fat Tug IPA, very solid local IPA and for $4.50 I can't complain, especially for this part of town. Then the fries with home-made ketchup and aioli, to die for! One of the best plates of fries I've had, big portion and beautiful presentation (leaf was my input). Other plates that came out of the kitchen looked equally delicious and beautiful.

Hotel Europe

Hotel Europe

Again.... Hotel Europe

Hipster Bike

For all these images I went with a coherent feel. The old brick warehouses, cobblestone streets and fall colours work perfect with a warm desaturated edit. 

I'm pretty satisfied with these images and very happy of the performance of my new lens. Compared to my 50mm 1.8 and my kitlens, it brings the best of both worlds, the sharpness and (almost as fast) aperture of the "Plastic Fantastic" and the versatility and range of the kitlens. It won't replace my trusted 50mill' though.

Now I just have to return one night to shoot some long exposures of the steam clock and Hotel Europe.