Pre-Work early morning panorama shoot

Earlier this week I brought my camera with me to work. Sunrise is around 7:30 just around when I get to work and I have been wanting to shoot around this area for a while now. Waterfront Park in North Vancouver is pretty neat and it looks beatiful with the Vancouver skyline in the background. I shot these to pano's around sunrise just after 7am. Both images consist of about a total of 12 vertically shot photos in two rows. As I didn't bring my tripod it was all shot handheld.

There was just enough light to dail my camera in at f8, low ISO 200 or 400 and a shutter speed of 1/60. The shutterspeed is just fast enough for a 50mm lens to be handheld. Ideally a faster shutterspeed is better, but in the end I was able to steady the camera enought to get sharp images without going to hight on the ISO or decrease the dept-of-field.


The results: